November 21, 2016

Fast eBay Listings – Shortcode Usage, RSS Feeds

Use the following shortcode to bring in eBay items from an RSS feed you have created using the RSS Generator.

[fu_ebay_rss feed=”http://…”]


  • feed – the url of the eBay RSS feed
  • columns – display results across given number of columns
  • rows – display results across given number of rows 
  • picwidth – desired width dimension of thumbnails (RSS feed supplies only 140px wide pictures)
  • slideshow – display as a slideshow: Manual, Auto or Default (from settings)
  • slides – number of slides to cycle between

If items are omitted, defaults from plugin setting will be used.

Note RSS thumbnails are all supplied at 140px width, using other values will cause image scaling in browser.

Additionally the shortcode tag ‘content’ can be used to populate a header link.

Demo example, static grid:

[fu_ebay_rss feed=”http://…” columns=”3″ rows=”2″]Demo RSS Feed[/fu_ebay_rss]

Demo example, manual slideshow:

[fu_ebay_rss feed=”http://…” columns=”3″ rows=”1″ slideshow=”Manual” slides=”4″]Demo RSS Feed[/fu_ebay_rss]

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