Displaying eBay Post Author’s Listing

A unique feature of Fast eBay Listings is the ability to display eBay items in a widget for the author of each post on your blog. This is great if you have posts from many users, each of whom has their own items on eBay, so you to showcase their eBay merchandise.

Here we’ll explain how to set this feature up.

1. Associate each users eBay account

First, each user will need to associate their eBay username within their WordPress profile. The plugin will add the following new field, which simply needs populating with their eBay username.

2. Add a Fast eBay Listing search widget

Add a Fast eBay Listing Fixed Search widget to your blog and customise it to your preference. Crucially the ‘Sellers’ field should be populated with the keyword author.

Note: the latest eBay Browse API requires that your search widget has either a query or category id. Retrieving a seller’s items with no query or category is not supported.

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