Etsy WordPress Plugin – Fast Etsy Listings

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Fubaby Fast Etsy Listings provides additional blocks and shortcodes that let you link Etsy to WordPress

Quickly display Etsy shop listings and review on your WordPress blog that automatically stay up-to-date

Drive traffic to your Etsy shop

Simple to Use

Intuitive UI in Block or Classic editors

No manual coding, RSS setup, typing cryptic shortcodes or requesting API App IDs

Flexible & Versatile

Customise presentation of Etsy listing, choose layout, colour scheme, image sizes etc.

Display your shop items or any items on Etsy

Earn Money

Drive customers to your Etsy shop

Robust & Supported

Always abreast of changes to Etsy APIs and WordPress updates

Free to Use!

Just download and go!

Fast & Efficient

Optimised code, clever caching and deferred loading will ensure your website loads fast

Not hidden by browser AdBlockers


Beautiful gifts from Jessica Wilde Designs

Detailed Feature List

  • Display single listings or a grid of search results from Etsy
  • Show feedback ratings and comments from your Etsy shop
  • Slideshow presentation or ‘load more’ buttons for continuous scrolling
  • Simple to use Blocks with live preview to arrange Etsy listings in the WordPress Block Editor
  • Easy UI to add Etsy search shortcodes in Classic Editor
  • Show items from your shop, other shops, single listings or items specific to a post’s author
  • Filter results by category, price range, location etc.
  • Items are shown with thumbnail size and aspect ratio of your choice
  • Full item details can be shown: price, location, description etc
  • Deferred loading and inbuilt caching of listing for faster page loads

Use Cases

Present Shop Inventory on your Website

Present and showcase products from your Etsy shop on your website or blog

Drive traffic to buy items you sell on Etsy and avoid the duplicate effort of managing your inventory on your own eCommerce site


The easiest way to install this WordPress Etsy plugin is from the official Plugin repository. Navigate to the ‘Plugins | Add New’ page within the Admin Dashboard of your WordPress site. Then simply search for ‘Fast Etsy Listings’ and install/activate the plugin.

The Fast Etsy Listing page on has more installation information and manual download options.

Don’t forget to ‘enable auto-updates’ to ensure you get bug fixes and new features automatically deployed.

Use the ‘Settings | Fast Etsy Listings’ screen to configure the plugin


Fubaby has been maintaining and supporting WordPress plugins since 2016. Fast Etsy Listings uses the latest Etsy API v3 and will be kept up to date with any future Etsy changes. You will be supported for many more years.

You can get support, help, or assistance in using Fast Etsy Listings in many ways:

  1. Visit the plugin support forum on the site here
  2. Contact me directly via email here

I’ll endeavour to follow up as soon as possible and resolve any issues you’re having. Do also get in touch if you have any feature requests.

Usage – Link Etsy to WordPress

Block Editor

Fast Etsy Listings provides Blocks for the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor which makes it a breeze to add Etsy listings from your Shop or anywhere on Etsy to your posts or pages.

A live preview of Etsy results will be presented within the Block Editor so you can see immediately what your final page will look like.

Etsy WordPress Plugin - Live preview of Etsy Listings in WordPress Block editor

Classic Editor

For those who prefer the WordPress Classic Editor, Fast Etsy Listings provides handy visual editors to add and edit shortcodes in your posts and pages. These are accessible from the WordPress editor toolbar and will present a simple pop-up to enter your Etsy search criteria.

WordPress Etsy Plugin - Adding Etsy Listings in WordPress classic editor

‘Etsy Search’ – Display items from a custom search

Use intuitive visual editors within the WordPress Block or Classic Editors to present Etsy listings matching your search criteria in your post or page. You can filter your search by many criteria like keywords, categories, seller price etc.

If options are omitted, defaults from the plugin setting will be used instead. Etsy provides images in the sizes 75px, 170px, 570px and 900px. To avoid in-browser scaling choose one of these, otherwise, Fast Etsy Listings will utilise the next largest to the stipulated ‘Picture Width’ argument.

Fast Etsy Listings comes with a handy popup Etsy category chooser so you do not need to manually hunt down the ID number for the category you want to use.

Some examples of Fast Etsy Listings in action:

Static grid example:

Featured items from Jessica Wilde Designs

Automatic slideshow example:

Leather handbags from the USA, between $200 – £500

Load More button for continuous scrolling example:

Leather handbags from the USA, between $200 – £500

‘Etsy Item’ – Display a single item

You can display details of a single Etsy listing. Use intuitive visual editors within the WordPress Block or Classic Editors to present a single Etsy listing in your post or page. Just enter the listing’s ID.

Link Etsy To WordPress - Setup single item Shortcode in classic editor

Customise the fields displayed to be as descriptive or brief as you desire.



‘Etsy Reviews’ – Display Seller/Store Reviews

Display reviews for your Etsy Shop account on your blog or website. A great way to show your reputation on your company website and provide a link directly to your Etsy shop.

Simply enter your Etsy shop name and choose the number of reviews to display.

Example #1: Etsy shop info only:


Example #2: Slideshow of Etsy shop reviews:


Example #3: List of Etsy reviews:


Etsy WordPress Plugin In-Depth Instructions

Below are pages with more detailed instructions on this WordPress Etsy Listing plugin functionality.

  • Fast Etsy Listings – Shortcode Parameter Reference

  • The term ‘Etsy’ is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. The Fast Etsy Listings application uses the Etsy API but is not endorsed or certified by Etsy, Inc.