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The Best eBay Reviews Plugin for WordPress

Displaying your eBay feedback reviews on your WordPress website is a great way to instil trust with visitors.

Your positive reviews will reassure visitors that your business is reputable and help secure sales. But how do you present your up-to-date eBay feedback on your website, you ask – look no further than Fast eBay Listing, the best eBay reviews plugin for WordPress, without a doubt.

Why should I use Fast eBay Listings?

The Fast eBay Listings WordPress plugin has been helping website owners integrate with eBay since 2016. It is mature, actively maintained, used by countless happy publishers and is a certified eBay Compatible Application.

Originally developed to display eBay listings and items on your WordPress site, it now has the functionality to also display your eBay store details and feedback ratings.

How do I get started?

Simply install the Fast eBay Listings WordPress plugin and you will have an eBay Feedback Shortcode and Block available to add to your pages in Classic or Block editors. Just enter your eBay username and tailor what details you wish to display and how you’d like to present them.

Adding the eBay Feedback in WordPress Block editor:

eBay Reviews Plugin for WordPress - Block Editor
How to add an eBay reviews widget to your WordPress site

Live preview of eBay account info, feedback ratings and comments:

eBay Reviews Plugin for WordPress - Block Editor

Adding the eBay Feedback in WordPress Classic editor:

eBay Reviews Plugin for WordPress - Classic Editor
How to add an eBay reviews widget in the WordPress Classic Editor

New Fast eBay Listings Feature – ‘Load More’ Pagination

The Fast eBay Listings WordPress Plugin has just gained a great new feature to improve your end user’s experience when browsing a large number of eBay items. You can now find a new slideshow/pagination mode that will display a ‘load more’ button that users can click to display more results on your webpage dynamically.

This ‘load more’ pagination option is a great way to let your visitors browse through a number of items in an intuitive manner and works great on mobiles.

It’s a great alternative to the previous slideshow options which are better suited to displaying a small number of items on each slide, such that each slide can fit within the visitor’s screen. When slides are larger, many rows and don’t fit within a single screen, they can be awkward to step between.

eBay Selling Tips

Geo-targeting to Maximise eBay Partner Network Earnings

Do you run an affiliate marketing strategy on a website that attracts visitors from around the globe? If so, you need to geo-target your affiliate links to maximise your earnings, read on to find out more and how to achieve this with the eBay Partner Network.

Why You Need to Geo-Target

By default, when you add eBay Partner Network (EPN) links to your website, they will link to only a single eBay marketplace and site (,, etc.) This is fine for visitors in that country, they’ll be nicely lined up to complete a purchase. However, a visitor from another country will be less inclined to purchase from another country’s eBay site. The item may not ship internationally or shipping fees may be off-putting. Some visitors may persist and search for the linked item on their local eBay site, but you won’t get the sale attributed to your EPN account. Either way, by presenting visitors with eBay products not sold locally to them, you will inevitably lose sales and not earn as much commission from the EPN.

eBay Partner Network geo target links

The solution is to present each visitor with a link to the eBay site that is local to them. By presenting eBay products they can purchase locally with ease, they are more likely to complete the sale and earn you a commission. This can be achieved by doing a reverse lookup of their IP address to discover the country they’re from and thus tailoring the links they see accordingly. Thankfully, there are many services available that can take care of this for you. The WordPress plugin Fast eBay Listings has this feature available right out of the box.


New Fast eBay Listings Feature – Customise How Items are Displayed

Recently some new features were added to Fast eBay Listings to give you more control over how items on eBay are displayed on your site. Now you can customise the colour scheme of items and fine-tune exactly what fields you want to display. Here I will highlight some of these features and how you can get your site looking just right.

eBay Selling Tips

How to Display Your eBay Items on Your WordPress site

  • Do you sell items on eBay?
  • Do you also have a WordPress website?
  • Do you wish you could sell your items on eBay and on your WordPress site?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above, then these eBay selling tips will show you exactly how to do this.

Why Display Your eBay Items on Your Website?

Ultimately, you want to maximise sales. A great way to do this is through exposure and promotion. It can be difficult to make your products stand out on eBay itself, but you can create your own website that does stand out and ranks well in search results.

Use Fast eBay Listings to display your eBay items on your website

Once buyers have found your website, you need to show them what you have for sale and make it easy to buy. You could set up your own e-commerce shop on your site, list all your items there and let visitors buy directly from your site. However, this is a lot of effort: set up time, adding products etc.

It can be challenging to manage stock between your eBay and e-commerce stores. You have to process orders from two different sites, updating the other when an item sells on one, you don’t want to oversell stock or sell the same unique item twice! Updating and syncing prices between eBay and your site is a hassle, overall there is a lot of duplicate effort is required to maintain the two stores.

A better approach is to display your eBay items on your website, displaying their live status, price, images, details and so on. Then simply prompt visitors to purchase and checkout on eBay, a platform they know, trust and probably already have an account on.

As a seller, you then only need to deal with orders from a single source and have a single inventory of items to manage. Once your website is configured to display your live eBay items, you can simply forget about it, knowing it will always be displaying your current eBay items on your site.


New Fast eBay Listings Feature – Display Your eBay Feedback WordPress

An exciting new feature has just been added to Fast eBay Listings WordPress plugin. In version 2.7 you can now display your eBay feedback rating and comments on your website. This is a great way to inspire confidence and trust in your potential buyers visiting your site. You can show details of your eBay rating, feedback comments from recent buyers and links to your eBay store.

How to Setup this eBay Feedback WordPress Plugin

Display eBay Feedback WordPress
Display eBay feedback and reviews on your WordPress site

Fast eBay Listings now provides an eBay Feedback Block and Shortcode that you can insert into a page or post.

Easy to use Blocks and Shortcode for WordPress block and classic editors

Simply fill in your eBay username and the number of feedback comments you’d like to be shown. You can enter zero if you desire no eBay reviews from customers shown and just want to show the feedback rating scores.

ebay reviews widget
Set up your eBay reviews widget, seller username, number of comments to show etc.

Don’t forget, you use these new blocks as WordPress widget, giving you the option of an eBay reviews widget to add to your site’s sidebar or footer.