New Fast eBay Listings Feature – ‘Load More’ Pagination

The Fast eBay Listings WordPress Plugin has just gained a great new feature to improve your end user’s experience when browsing a large number of eBay items. You can now find a new slideshow/pagination mode that will display a ‘load more’ button that users can click to display more results on your webpage dynamically.

This ‘load more’ pagination option is a great way to let your visitors browse through a number of items in an intuitive manner and works great on mobiles.

It’s a great alternative to the previous slideshow options which are better suited to displaying a small number of items on each slide, such that each slide can fit within the visitor’s screen. When slides are larger, many rows and don’t fit within a single screen, they can be awkward to step between.

Demo of new ‘load more’ pagination:

Right Now on eBay Scalextric cars
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The setup of ‘load more’ pagination is very similar to setting up a slideshow; choose the number of rows and columns per slide, the number of slides, and set Slideshow Style to ‘Load more’ button.

This example sets up pages of 12 items (in 3 columns and 4 rows), with a max of 12 pages that can be loaded.

The number of columns and rows will define whole large each page/slide is and how many eBay items will be displayed per page. The ‘number of slides’ will define how many pages/slides to query and let visitors see.

If desired, you can customise the text shown on the ‘Load More’ button in the plugin settings. For example, you may want a button saying ‘More Offers’.

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