New Fast eBay Listings Feature – Display Your eBay Feedback WordPress

An exciting new feature has just been added to Fast eBay Listings WordPress plugin. In version 2.7 you can now display your eBay feedback rating and comments on your website. This is a great way to inspire confidence and trust in your potential buyers visiting your site. You can show details of your eBay rating, feedback comments from recent buyers and links to your eBay store.

How to Setup this eBay Feedback WordPress Plugin

Display eBay Feedback WordPress
Display eBay feedback and reviews on your WordPress site

Fast eBay Listings now provides an eBay Feedback Block and Shortcode that you can insert into a page or post.

Easy to use Blocks and Shortcode for WordPress block and classic editors

Simply fill in your eBay username and the number of feedback comments you’d like to be shown. You can enter zero if you desire no eBay reviews from customers shown and just want to show the feedback rating scores.

ebay reviews widget
Set up your eBay reviews widget, seller username, number of comments to show etc.

Don’t forget, you use these new blocks as WordPress widget, giving you the option of an eBay reviews widget to add to your site’s sidebar or footer.


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Alternative RSS eBay Feeds WordPress Plugin to WP eBay Product Feeds

Back in 2020, eBay announced their decommissioning of RSS feeds, much to the chagrin of affiliate marketers using the eBay Partner Network. eBay RSS feeds were a simple way to pull items from eBay for display on affiliate sites. The proposed alternative was to use the eBay API, however, this requires more development effort, signing up to the eBay developer’s program, managing access tokens, adhering to call limits and maintenance to stay abreast of API changes – something the Fast eBay Listing WordPress plugin has always supported.

WordPress eBay Partner Network integration

Nonetheless, many eBay Partner Network users have tried to continue with RSS feeds generated from third-party resources that create a feed using the eBay API. Thus enabling the bad approach of using older RSS eBay Feeds WordPress plugins like WP eBay Product Feeds that rely upon an RSS feed as input. In this article, I’m going to look at why this approach is bad and what your alternatives are.