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Back in 2020 eBay announced their decommissioning of RSS feeds, much to the chagrin of affiliate marketeers using the eBay Partner Network. eBay RSS feeds were a simple way to pull items from eBay for display on affiliate sites. The proposed alternative was to use the eBay API, requiring more development effort, sign up to the eBay developer’s program, manage access tokens, adhere to call limits and maintenance to stay abreast of API changes – something the Fast eBay Listing WordPress plugin has always supported.

WordPress eBay Partner Network integration

Nonetheless, many eBay Partner Network users have tried to continue with RSS feeds generated from third-party resources that create a feed using the eBay API. This has allowed them to use older RSS eBay Feeds WordPress plugins like WP eBay Product Feeds that rely upon an RSS feed as input. In this article, I’m going to look at why this approach is bad and what your alternatives are.

Why you should not use RSS feeds

RSS feeds are obsolete (almost)

Over the last decade, RSS feeds have become far less relevant on the modern internet, with many big RSS tools already closed down, including Google RSS Reader, Yahoo Pipes and of course the eBay RSS Feed. It’s only a matter of time before other RSS services shut down. You might be relying on now to drive your WP eBay Product Feeds plugin, but you have to ask just how much longer will it remain operating and supporting your workflow?

WP eBay Product Feeds plugin - time for the trash bin?
Everyone is binning RSS, when will you?

Even WP eBay Product Feeds have announced there will be no new features and has been “on its last legs for a while”.

Another dependency, another failure Point

By depending on another third-party service, you are baking another potential failure point into your website, on top of whatever plugin you use to display the RSS feed data on your site. Whether it’s a company shutting down a server, changing the product features they offer, some downtime or bugs in their feed, it’s going to affect your website, the content you want to serve and your visitors’ experience. We’ve seen Yahoo Pipes shutdown in 2015, eBay RSS shutdown in 2020, and Auction Request in 2021; RSS Ground is still running, but you have to ask, for how long?

Third-party RSS eBay feed services cost

For example RSS Ground only allows you to curate 10 private feeds on their free tier. You will need to pay a monthly subscription to have more. Other services are likely to be similar, as there will be costs involved in running and maintaining such a service.

RSS Ground paid subscription for eBay Feeds WordPress plugins
RSS Ground paid subscriptions will eat into your profits

Less flexibility

Your ability to filter the items you want in your feed and what data per item returned is limited by what the third-party service you use can offer. RSS Ground oddly doesn’t let you search for multiple keywords. It also doesn’t return details of bids, auction end time, current auction price, buy-it-now or best offer options, whether it’s a store or private individual and so on.

The Alternatives

Develop your own eBay API integration

If you have the coding skills and time, then you could develop your own integration with the eBay API. You just need to get yourself signed up to the eBay developer program, develop your app or WordPress plugin to utilise the eBay API and generate nice-looking HTML to display results, set up the necessary access tokens, setup appropriate caching mechanisms to keep your site loading fast and avoid exceeding eBay call limits, plus a bunch of other stuff I’ve glossed over. Shouldn’t take you too long…

Then you’ve just got the task of maintaining it as eBay update their APIs or WordPress architecture changes.

Use an eBay WordPress plugin using the eBay API

If you don’t fancy reinventing the wheel, you could use a WordPress plugin that natively utilises the latest eBay API, instead of consuming an RSS feed.

Fast eBay Listings WordPress PluginFast eBay Listings is a great choice, it is:

  • It doesn’t rely on any third-party RSS service, just install the plugin and go!
  • Mature and actively maintained and utilises the latest eBay REST APIs
  • Fully integrated with the latest WordPress features, to embed eBay results in the Block or Classic editors, or as widgets. There’s no faffing with shortcode syntax!
  • Offers lots of flexibility in your search criteria and how results are displayed
  • Utilises clever caching and deferred loading features to ensure your page loads are fast

To assist with your migration, Fast eBay Listings can also use your existing RSS Ground feeds and let you take advantage of the plugin’s features to display the items in a grid, slideshow and colour style of your choosing. An ideal way to support your transition plan.

Fast eBay Listings also supports RSS Feeds as a migration step


If your eBay affiliate marketing strategy is reliant upon RSS feeds for content, you need to face up to the fact you’re sitting on a ticking timebomb. You need to be prepared and migrate your sites to an actively maintained solution before you suddenly find all your sites are down.

The Fast eBay Listings WordPress plugin is your perfect migration choice, make the switch today!


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